Leading Agency
CISP International Committee for the Development of Peoples - CISP
It is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in 1983 and with its headquarters are in Rome, Italy. CISP, through its cooperation with many local actors, both governmental and private, has been implementing humanitarian aid, rehabilitation and development projects in over 30 countries: Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe. In the member countries of the European Union, CISP fosters initiatives centered on cultural politics, promotion of international solidarity and enhancement of the role of diasporas in the development of their countries.
Funding Agency Others Funding Partners
European Union Others Co-Funded Partners
Somali Accademy Somali Academy of Science and Arts - SOMASA
It is the most relevant national institution in Somalia working for the protection, promotion and management of somali cultural heritage. The Somali National Academy and its supporting institutions play an important role in researching and understanding Somali history, language and culture.
Institutional Partner
Somali Governement Somali Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education
With headquarters in Mogadishu, the Ministry is responsible of promoting education and culture in Somalia and providing quality education service for development by enabling boys and girls to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to make well achievement in the highly competitive global economy.
Technical Partners
Art 2 Be Art2Be
Art2Be uses creative and expressive visual tools to tell the stories of groups in the margin of our societies and campaign for the rights. For the last 4 years, we have engaged in public participatory projects in Kenya and Somalia revolving around the question of identity, social cohesion, inter-generational dialogue and cultural heritage.
Parteciparte Parteciparte
Parteciparte is a theatre of the oppressed company based in Rome, promoting participatory theatre to trigger social and political change. Through theatre sensitive topics are addressed and different solutions can be proposed in a safe and protected environment, through collective intelligence. Parteciparte works with communities, youngsters, women, men, migrants, detainees etc. and also with who works with them: schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, NGO, research centers in different countries.