The Somali Academy of Science and Arts (SOMASA)

Is an independent, non-profit making, professional institution dedicated to research, innovation and promotion of science and culture. CISP built a very fruitful partnership with the Somali Academy of Science and Arts (SOMASA).

Thanks to the contribution of CISP and European Union, the Academy resumed its activities in December 2016, after 25 years of inactivity, due to the civil war. The Academy is a strategic partner in the cultural sector in Somalia, as it is the most relevant local institution in the country, with the task of promoting, coordinating and monitoring actions in Science and Arts sectors at a national level. Among its core functions, SOMASA provides research leadership in the country and advises the Somali government, the general public and other stakeholders on cultural heritage preservation matters. Among its objectives, the Academy promotes, preserves and protects Somali cultural heritage and make it a foundation for Somalia’s development goals.