The on-line Cultural Heritage Database, has been created and put into operation during the EU funded project ‘Reviving Culture, Building Peace in Mogadishu’ in 2015 and adapted to the Somali context.

The main objective is to provide Somali institutions in the cultural sector, and in particular the Somali Academy of Science and Arts, with a tool that will allow to create a national inventory of cultural heritage sites which is a requirement for the conservation of both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Somalia. It will also be the first step towards the preparation of a tentative list of cultural heritage sites to be submitted to Unesco before the ratification of the 1972 Convention on the protection of cultural and natural heritage sites.

Under this program CISP has trained the Academy staff in the use of the database and supported the creation of a team of data collectors that will be in charge of updating the system with new entries. The Database is a software built in ‘open source’ with the potential of unlimited archiving space. The database is easily accessible, needing only an internet connection network and a procedure of secure identification, and flexible, also giving the possibility of use in several languages. It is composed of 4 section: architecture, archeology, natural sites and arts and craft, with the possibility of adding pictures and new section in the future.