Warsame is 27 years old, Mogadishu based writer who enjoys writing fictional stories about Somali realities in general and specially about the young generation that grew up in civil strife

As a writer, Warsame self-published his first fiction novel “Baalkii Madoobaa ee Nolosheyda” The Dark Pages of my Life, which is widely read and distributed all over Somalia. The novel delves into the very controversial subject of sexual exploitation of men hiding behind the widely practiced marriage elopement. This is known as “Qudbo Siro” in Somali or “secret marriage”. Many young girls fall victim to it and end up sexually exploited and divorced at young age. Then the girls are stigmatized and disowned by family after becoming pregnant since they married secretly without their parent’s approval.

Warsame also wrote several shorter stories (Mostly written in Somali and some in english ). His recent work "the stone of memory" is a fictional short-story. Warsame is part of a new emerging generation of young Somali writers who want to tell their own stories from every angle. His debut novel had a second edition due to popular demand.