Aden Farah Affey is one of the old painters in Mogadishu. He was born in Mahaday, Middle Shabelle in 1963. He went to Missionary College in Lower Shabelle for elementary education.

Aden has been painting murals and propaganda cartoons for the previous Somali regime, under Siad Barre and worked with the Ministry of Information and National Guidance. His main task was to paint socialist posters and supervise their installation on public spaces.

Aden has faced persecution during the Somali civil war from all sides and run away from most of his body of work, some destroyed and some appropriated. However, Aden says he never runs of inspirations and works with several NGOs, public and private news media to train young artists. He is currently a teacher and is busy with school kids teaching them basics of drawings and sketching. Aden talking the history of Somalia in painting during the TEDx MOGADISHU event.